Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Update!

Been a half a year and more since I have updated you all! I kinda suck at this I guess.

Chad and I are doing good. Working hard over the summer picking up extra hours while we have the teenagers from the neighborhood to watch the boys. Enjoying the sun that has come and gone every other week. Hey it is Oregon, what can I expect.

Logan is doing well, he turned 4 in March. He will be going to a "normal" preschool this coming Sept. He did so well and gained so many steps in this past year at his Early Intervention school that we decided to plop him in and see how things go. He is crazy about the video games (kinda like his mom and dad) and does better at some of them then his parents. He loves to play in the sprinkler and has gone to OMSI and the Children's Museum this month. So cute to see his little face light up. Logan will be having his tonsils and adenoids taken out tomorrow. Mom is pretty nervous about this. cross your fingers it works for his sleep apnea and snoring!

Peyton is coming around. He has such an awesome personality. He will be starting school this October when he turns 3 and we hope he blossoms just like Logan did because that would be awesome. He is our little water baby, trying to jump right in to deep pools causing mom to have a heart attack. He would live in the pool if we let him. He is a big book boy too. Anything you let him read or look at he is on it.

Our wonderful cat decided to jump out the second story window when she went into heat, so we had 3 kittens last week. They are very very cute, look just like momma. We are hoping they neighbor cat that is a Scottish fold was the one to get to her and that our babies might have folded ears. They are too cute.

The dog is doing his thing. What can I say. He likes "Spots". You would have to see it to believe it.

In general our family is healthy and thriving.